Puppets in concert

From the artistic association "Replica" nominated to the best children's show in 2011!


Sol Ducatenzeiler
Asahel Ducatenzeiler
Gabriela Lauria
Yuya Sosa
Sergio Ducatenzeiler

Funny universal musical collage, without words, with a good number of world-known fragments of opera, symphony and ballet. Puppets that sing and dance, under very recognizable melodies of Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi, Verdi, Tchaikovsky and other modern popular composers.

45 minutes black theater and dancing lights in the theater, without being distracted for a single moment.

Appraisal of the play: ”Puppets in Concert”

CEP, Maximiliano Gil.

Director and specialist in Musical Education, Marioli Coello.

“It was a lovely show, full of color and imagination. The music choice was ideal and involved the children of different ages without any problem. The cloister of teachers thinks that their plays have a big quality and the productions are high category. We are very happy and satisfied. We hope to meet them again. We don´t want that our students lose the chance to see a show as well done like this.”

CEP, Puerto del Rosario (Fuerteventura)

“The play was great. The teaching staff left the theater very happy, even more the students. The effects of the lights together with the music made a real show.”

CEP, Tenerife Sur

“The appreciation about the play has been very positive. Students, teachers and parents enjoyed a lot, and they had a great time.”

CEP, Icod de los Vinos

“Congratulations to Teatrapa Company. They were great as always. “

CEP, Los Llanos de Aridane( La Palma)

“Everything went well. The students and the teachers felt happy and surprised. We began 10 minutes later because one bus was delayed, but it was not a problem because Sergio used the time to be with the public.”

CEP, La Gomera

“Just a few words to say: “Puppets in Concert “was successful. I´m sorry I couldn´t enjoy it. We asked all the school principals who attended about it, their answers were wonderful. They loved it! Everything went well. Despite the age of the children, they behaved well and they liked it. We hope that Teatrapa has found everything nice and gone happy. Thank you very much for this initiative.”

CEP, Gran Tarajal ( Fuerteventura)

“Students and teachers received the show with great pleasure and enthusiasm. The public was really involved. Teachers congratulated us for the preparation and the start-up of the play. The students participated a lot they expressed openly their emotions and feelings. Everything nicer you can think!”



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